How do I know what size Flanges will fit me?

Our ELEBEBE breast pump comes in three flange size options 21mm, 24mm and 27mm. You can also purchase an extra convertor offering the ability to size even smaller to 17mm or 19mm if needed.

To determine your "SIZE", you have to measure your nipple size as follows:

Stimulate your nipple so that it stands up and use a ruler to measure the width (diameter) of the nipple base (don't include the areola).


Nipple sizes:


Breast shield size:

How to purchase:
12 to 14mm 17mm Buy size 21mm flanges, and use with size 17mm convertor 
14 to 16mm 19mm

Buy size 24mm flanges, and use with size 19mm convertor 

16 to 18mm 21mm

Buy size 21mm flanges

19 to 21mm 24mm

Buy size 24mm flanges

22 to 24mm 27mm

Buy size 27mm flanges

If you are currently pregnant consider sizing up a few millimeters as your nipple size can get slightly larger following childbirth.

Finding the best fit breast shield is important for both your comfort and effectiveness of the breast pump. Once you are pumping, if you have any discomfort or concerns about your size we recommend talking to a Lactation Consultant.