WARRANTY - Elebebe Double Breast Pump

Warranty Service

  • At Chai South Africa we stand by our products and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Customers who purchase any ELEBEBE Electric Breast Pump directly from us, any of our authorized distributors or any authorized retailer, are eligible for a full six (6) month exchange warranty for any manufacturing defects and if utilized according to the intended use as described in the product information manual and provided that any and all operating and maintenance instructions are strictly respected and adhered to.
  • Chai South Africa's sole obligation under this exchange warranty shall be, at our discretion, to replace the product or part(s) thereof. In case the product or necessary part(s) is not available, you can apply for a refund or wait until such time as the parts are available.
  • In general, the original warranty period will not be extended. However, any part(s) replaced under this warranty, will have a warranty period of ninety (90) days from delivery of the repaired product. If we exchange the whole product, then the normal warranty period of six (6) months will apply.

Warranty Claim Procedure

  • Customer must contact the retailer or distributor where the product was purchased, within the applicable warranty period, to obtain warranty service authorization. When contacting the relevant party please provide the following to obtain full warranty services.:
  1. The original invoice or proof of purchase from Chai South Africa, its authorized distributor or its authorized retailer. The invoice/proof of purchase, must indicate the original purchase date and invoice number.
  2. a detailed description of the defect (incl. information on when the Customer has noticed the defect). If possible please provide a video or photo of the defect as well.
  • The return of defective products will be at the risk and expenses of the customer.

Warranty Exclusion

  1. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or alleged defects or malfunctions caused by excessive load or stress, incorrect voltage or any other cause beyond the range of its intended use as well as by accident, fire, or other hazards, or other cause not due or attributable to Chai South Africa, any of our authorized distributors or any authorized retailer.
  2. Products purchased from unauthorized distributors, e.g. internet market places, auctions or other types of public sales are not covered by this warranty. Used/second hand products will not qualify for warranty services, except if it is still in its warranty period and the original invoice or proof of purchase as stated above can be provided.
  3. This warranty does not cover physical damage to the product or malfunctions resulting from the use of the product in conjunction with any sort of ancillary or peripheral equipment.
  4. Chai South Africa, any of our authorized distributors or any authorized retailer shall not be liable if the alleged defect or malfunction was caused by a customer’s or any other person’s improper dealing with the product. This applies, in particular, for the following actions:
    • improper handling or disregard of operating instructions;
    • repair, modification or maintenance of the product which is not carried out by Chai South Africa
    • improper transport.